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Monday, 15 October 2012

Breakout? No problem! This little beauty solves that problem straight away!
It dramatically reduces the size of spots and clears up breakouts so fast it's crazy!
I can imagine that with continued use it will prevent breakouts from occurring.
Repurchase full size - maybe, it's quite expensive.

I love this product!
It feels and smells so luxurious and intensively moisturises the skin overnight!
It leaves my skin feeling softer and firmer by morning.
Repurchase full size - I wish, too expensive.

I can get quite dehydrated skin, which isn't dry but feels tight and looks dull.
This sorts out that problem!
It's such a light weight/non-greasy serum and it sinks in so fast leaving no residue.
Repurchase full size - yes!

Probably my favourite skin care sample yet!
I've never experienced anything like it!
It's an exfoliator, that contains no beads whatsoever. 
It leaves my skin so fresh and radiant, the results are amazing!
Repurchase full size - yes, yes, yes, yes!

With having oily skin oils were always avoided by me.
But I was brave and tried this product out and I'm glad I did.
This product effortlessly removes my make up without making my skin feel greasy.
Repurchase full size - probably!

What's your favourite skin care sample/product?


  1. aww really enjoy this post don't see many like it! I want to try the SOS serum! :)

    1. thank you jessica :) it's really good, a little expensive though full sized, but the sample has lasted ages!

  2. I needed this post, I tend to get breakouts a lot so this has definitely helped. Ill have to try the green tea marvel for sure! Thank-you for sharing lovely :-)


    1. the murad cleanser would be perfect for you i'm sure!

  3. ooooh i'd love to try all of these!
    This is why I regret never signing up to a beauty box haha :)
    http://lovelaughlauren.blogspot.com x

    1. there are pros and cons to it, sometimes you get things you will never use, but then you find little gems like these :)

  4. I think I need to try the Ginvera one now!!!
    I love my Murad Essential C Cleanser :)


    1. it's so good! very strange though, it's got no beads in it at all!
      i want to try more from murad now! may look into that!

  5. I love the Murad one! I got it in a beauty box. I would consider buying it too. xx

    1. it really works doesn't it :) me too!

  6. I loooove the DHC cleansing oil and it seems to be lasting me forever! I also have the green tea marvel gel, which I am yet to try out. I've seen so many great reviews of it so I think I should probably try it soon! x

    1. yeah i agree, you only need small amounts! ohh you need to try it! let me know how it goes :) hope you like it just as much as me!

  7. I've heard so many great things about that DHC cleansing oil! Great post :)


  8. Great samples post :) I want to try a cleansing oil so I might give this a go.
    I'm currently trying Elizabeth Arden products on my face so we'll see how we go! X

  9. I just tried the Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel! It's such a weird experience but I loved it!


  10. Really want to try the cleansing oil, it sounds really good!

  11. I used the DHC cleansing oil years ago when I lived in Hong Kong. It was the cleanser everyone was talking about. DHC also do a cleansing bar. I promise it is not like soap. It is a good product and not expensive, so worth a try.


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